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Wirecard - House of Cards

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

part of the portfolio since June 2020

A lot has been written and discussed on Wirecard. The once German Wunderkind has always been suspicious and the only question we have to ask is - why the Kapitalmarkthygienemuseum has not gotten its hands on a piece of Wirecard earlier?

Well call it "thumb sucking"...

Our personal history with Wirecard goes more than 10 years in the past and as investors we've always stayed far away as a lot of things smelled quite "fishy"... It was a open secret that the accounts were difficult to read and a lot of smoke and mirrors were around. I recommend a Blog Post from a blogger who had its Beef with Wirecard for a good 10ys.

Only when the (in-)famous KPMG-report went public and it became obviously clear that time is running out fast, we started pouring through EBay and found these nice coffee cups. We still mad a close to 100% on this emotional short. It took only a couple of weeks and the whole thing blew up spectacularly.

How spectacularly? Well absurdly spectacularly. You only know how bad things are when your former COO is bragging about "having the formula for Novitschok" (an military warfare agent) and being able to fake his immigration to the Phillipines while (in thruth) travelling (most likely) to Russia.

Well I think he is the first one to have a mug shot looking for "fraud for billions", wanted by the german government. (The Kapitalmarkthygienemuseum is of cause looking to get its hands on an original wanted sign)

Some assorted Links of Articles about Wirecard:

09/2020: FT Long read:; "Wirecard and Me"

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