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The Chinese Starbucks

Part of the Portfolio since 02/2020

(this is a "fake" fridge magnet)

Short and dirty...

Since our experience with those Chinese/German listed companies (See: Powerland and Asian Bamboo) we had a hunch for all chinese listed companies.

When well known Muddy Waters referenced an 89 page report (quite a read!)at the beginning of 2020 which was claiming to have gathered 11.260 hours of store traffic video and >25k customer reciepts it was time to emotionally short Chinese Starbucks wannabe Luckin Coffee.

Finding a collectible of Luckin wasn't so easy. We decided to crawl Ebay and finally got hold of an "Original magnetic Luckin Coffee Fridge sticker"

This wouldnt be a China story without one more twist. This "original sticker" came obviously badly printed via mail from china after around 12 weeks.

Right at this time the short has worked out perfectly and things came to an screetching halt at Luckin Coffee.


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